The Obligatory About Us Section

Avalon Information Technology, a division of the Avalon Company, is a forward thinking, future-proofing, Information Technology Service Provider unlike any you have seen before. Our President, Founder & Chief Engineer is an old school hacker who has been working in the technology industry since 1981.

In a field that seems to be dominated by inexperienced, dare we say… “wet behind the ears”, young men and women, our Chief Engineer, Shawn W. Roy combines decades of hardware and software hacking, development & engineering with 8 years of military service and discipline.

Having worked for and with the United States government during the 1990’s, Shawn W. Roy was in a prime position to watch the business world rapidly adopt Technology & The Internet at a speed that has seen no rival in human history.

The Information Revolution has left us more connected, productive, and prosperous than we ever have been before. However, this all comes at a high cost. We are more vulnerable to data loss and reliant on technology systems that few people understand.

This is where Shawn W. Roy’s experience shines and sets the bar for our company. Every employee must live up to his exacting expectations. No easy feat, you can be assured. This means that with every job, every system, every network a precision & detail oriented eye is placed on every nut, bolt, & semi-colon to ensure that your business is running on the most secure, up-to-date, dependable, and hardened technology platform that money can buy!

Here is the best part! We have developed our business model around giving our customers a flat-rate, predicable pricing structure that lowers your cost of business and we back it up with our pricing guarantee! What? You don’t believe us? Call (615) 806-6300 and let one of our kick-ass account managers prove it to you!